Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sundays in My City--Mofwe Lagoon

I promised to write about our boat and little slice of paradise and so here it is. I have so many beautiful pictures that this will have to be a two-parter. You can come back next Sunday to see the rest.

A typical fisherman in his canoe

The beautiful lily pads. The locals have an interesting use for them. 
I'll show you next week.

Fishing traps--made out of grass or bamboo

Fresh fish
A typical fishing hut. 

 You can see the size and scale in this picture.

A homemade dehydrator for the fish. 
It is constructed from half an oil drum with bicycle rims woven with wire for the drying rack. 
You can see the extra racks in the background.
Sadly, sometimes the fire gets out of hand and burns down the little huts.

I'm going to think twice about setting foot on those islands again after Tom brought home this picture. Can you see it there?

Tom wanted to pick up this very dangerous cobra to get a closer look,
but those in the boat convinced him not to. I'll be forever grateful.
Fishing for the day is done. Time to head home.
For others, it's time to paddle out into the lagoon
for night fishing with small lights.

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  1. This week is the week for water photos. wow, the cobra is huge. what an adventurous life :)


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