Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Africa Animals

When I visited Livingstone, Debbie and I took a safari drive. I've been into smaller parks before but this was one of the National parks and so had many more animals. It was really interesting! This particular park was 22 square kilometers.

Even before we reached the park we came across these elephants just walking near the road. No fence at all!
Hello there!

I can't help but think of Madagascar when I see zebras now.


Warthogs. Also known as Pumbaa.
Hakuna Matata

Oh, for heaven's sake. I've forgotten the name of this one. Who can help me out?
All I can remember is that his bottom looks like he sat on a toilet seat with wet paint on it.


Debbie was most excited to see the giraffes. She wrote a college paper once about how she was most like a giraffe because they have the largest hearts. I agree!

This baby was adorable

I'm sorry. Did we disturb your lunch?

Wildebeests. Apparently the legends here say that the wildebeest was created from spare parts of animals: impala, buffalo, and hyenas to name a few. 
Our guide said we were really lucky to see these because they had been across the river in Botswana.

Buffalo! Not like the water buffalo from India or the Bison in the U.S.
Our guide warned us that buffalo are dangerous because they will charge at you without warning. The one on the right stared straight at us the entire time.

As the evening drew near and the sun went down we came across a field full of baboons. 
There were also impala, zebras and guinea fowl all happily enjoying their suppers.

This little guy stole my heart. 
Do you think I should adopt him?

Now it's your turn!
Which African animal would you most like to see?

Take a guess--which animal was my favorite and which animal made me squeal with excitement. And remember, I'm still looking for the name of that other animal.

Anyone who gets the answers right will get their name in lights on Friday.


  1. Giraffes are my absolute favourite too! And I'll guess elephants for yours. As to the mystery beast, could it be a hartebeest?

  2. I think it's a kudu, but I'm not sure. My favorite safari sighting was an 11-day old giraffe. They are so neat & different.

  3. OMG, I envy you! I am an animal nut. LOVE all creatures great and small, well...except for snakes, and maybe gators.

    I guess the baboons?

  4. I would guess the baboons are your favorite.

    And you know what? I've always heard that the buffalo is one of the most dangerous of all the forest. That picture of them gives me the creepers! I love the giraffes myself... they are my fave. :)

  5. Wow! I am guessing Pumbahh.. hakuna matata ain't no passing craze...

    And I saw a chicken on the side of the road on MY way home today. Yah, I guess it's not the same :-)


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