Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Prayers Needed Again

Thanks to the invention of Skype Tom and I have been able to talk nearly every day. He has been doing a fantastic job of holding down the fort along with Timmy, Jasmine and Troy but it has not been easy.

 In the last month they have taken in 2 new babies: Angel and Elizabeth. Elizabeth seems to be doing OK but Angel is not eating well and keeps battling thrush and diarrhea.


A few of the toddlers have stomach issues as well. This time of year after the rains stop and as things begin to dry up causes a lot of tummy problems. The air is full of bacteria-ridden dust. Tom has taken the kids down to the clinic but found NO workers there whatsoever. He took Henry (2 years) down the day before yesterday and a janitor gave him a Tylenol-equivalent (adult dosage) and a prescription for metronidazole. Trouble is, there is no pharmacy!
  Thankfully, we do have metronidazole in our mini-clinic and I wrote Tom with the dosage amounts.

Yesterday, Sandra (2 years) had a seizure. She didn't have a fever and it wasn't severe but we have no idea what caused it. Tom took her down to the clinic and found a medical officer (kinda like an RN) who gave her a malaria test and a penicillin shot.

Tom is understandably frustrated. There is no where nearby where Sandra can get checked out. Perhaps if the situation worsens Tom can take her 12 hours away to Lusaka where doctors might be able to diagnose her. I'm not sure how much can be done if a patient is not having a seizure right then without doing an MRI or CAT scan.

Please pray for Sandra's complete and total healing. Pray for Tom's peace of mind. Pray for Angel to get an appetite and that her body's immune system can strengthen. Pray for all the tummy issues to clear up.


  1. siezures are difficult to diagnose in children. Sometimes there's nothing to do to prevent it. If it's caused by a high fever, the fever can come suddenly and then leaves suddenly and you don't even realize it's coming or even was there!!
    There are some children that just have it when they're little and they grow out of it by about age 12 years old.

  2. I'll pray for all of your precious babies. You guys are such angels.


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