Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Meatballs and Table Settings

Remember when I told you how excited I was to be able to shop for ingredients and cook while in the States? Well, last Thursday when my mother in law informed me that she and my father in law both had evening programs and wouldn't be home for dinner I got my chance. Now I had a opportunity to dig into my store of bookmarked recipes on delicious.com and pick one to make. My in-laws are following a diet which limits them in what they can eat depending on their blood type. It is working well for them and they are getting healthier but I was looking forward to cooking without restriction. I have enough restrictions in Zambia. LOL

The kids and I deliberated over my saved recipes and went back and forth. I love to cook Indian as I've mentioned before but we decided to try to make that on a day when my in-laws will be eating since they can eat chicken and rice.

Finally we settled on Pioneer Woman's Meatballs and Spaghetti. T.J and I headed for the store and loaded up the shopping cart with ingredients. He loved the produce section which is nearly larger than our entire grocery store back home. He kept pointing things out and asking what they were.

Back home with our loot I whipped up a delicious dinner. I made a couple mistakes but since the finished product was fine they could be considered adaptations rather than errors. Tee hee. If you click on the recipe know that the olive oil is for frying--not mixing into the meat--'nuff said.

T.J is adusting well but still struggling with a few concepts. While we don't eat with our hands African-style back home we don't generally lay the table preferring to serve our dinners on a buffet. After being told a certain way to set the table by one person and then a different way by another person, T.J was pretty confused as you can see by my place setting.

No matter. The meal was delightful and the company exquisite! I hope to make many more meals while here in the States and take full advantage of the luxury that is a grocery store.


  1. yum! looks like it came out great.

  2. Looks like I came to visit on a yummy day! I lived in Africa as well in the 90's. I was in Joburg South Africa. From SITS. Take care!


  3. my time has been really limited for commenting lately. I want to tell you how awesome it is to read about your adventures "back in the states" The spaghetti and meatball dinner is one of the best so far. (except for your visit with mom)


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