Sunday, January 4, 2015

Adding a Character to our Cast

I hate to postpone the story of our New Year's Eve. More than one of you took me to task over leaving you all with a cliffhanger, but I have to first introduce you to someone who plays a big part in the adventure. 

Meet Chewbacca! Or Chewy as we tend to call him, which applies particularly well to him at this stage in his life.

For quite some time now I've wanted a little dog that can stay indoors with us and provide an extra level of protection. Not that things are terribly dangerous here, but it's comforting to have a little doggy to bark at things that don't belong. 

(I could have used him one night not too long ago when something unpleasant invaded my bedroom--but that story too will have to wait)

Chewbacca is half Jack Russell Terrier and half something unknown--maybe Staffordshire Terrier--but perhaps just mutt. This makes for an interesting little body. His front paws are much larger than his back ones. Kinda like the puppy version of a mullet: All business in the front and a party in the back. When he runs he's quite lopsided.

Jack Russells are supposed to be good at hunting snakes and you can imagine how happy that makes me. He has also been good with the kids and is playful enough to entertain them, while small enough not to intimidate.

It's been a new experience to deal with a puppy who needs to be house trained and looked after all the time and given plenty of attention. This is also the first time ever that I've allowed a dog to sleep on my bed. I would like to teach him how to sleep in his own little bed in our bedroom though. Any ideas on how to do that??

This little sweet pea is a great addition to our large family. And, he's already begun participating in our adventures. Stay tuned.....

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