Thursday, January 23, 2014

How Did We Get Here?

The last time I checked it was Christmas Eve. Now it's nearly a month later. What on earth?!?

Am I the only one who feels this way?

So much has gone on since last I shared my life with you. I blame the internet….truly….we only just got our internet repaired—it was off from the end of December until January 21. We were limping by with another internet source, but it was quite expensive and meant we had to be quite judicious in our use of it.

I’d love to catch you up on our lives, but as I look backward in amazement to how fast time has sped by, it hasn’t slowed down at all. So, I’m going to make a bullet list and later go back and write articles for as many of them as possible. Deal?

·         I went through a rough time in December. We lost one of our staff members to HIV/AIDS and I didn’t realize how much I was grieving until I was lost in it. Going through this during a ‘holiday season’ while mostly alone didn’t work well.

  • ·         Santa showed up at Kazembe Orphanage. Twice! And he made children scream and cry—both times!

  • ·         I showed The Nativity to our staff members for their Christmas ‘party’. I love the way that movie focuses on Mary and Joseph and their life in the village. Life here in Kazembe is not that different from Jesus’ time—except people have cell phones.

  • ·         We celebrated personal Christmas, staff Christmas, kids’ Christmas, and New Year’s Eve all within 4 days. Whew!

  • ·         We set off fireworks, on New Year’s Eve from the top of the hill at our new land. Thankfully we had warned the surrounding villagers months in advance so they didn’t think the gods had gone crazy. We may have been a little crazy though. A couple of times we had to ‘duck and cover’ due to faulty equipment and heavy winds. Adrenaline just enhances the fireworks’ beauty though.

  • ·         I worked terribly hard to close the books from last year. I didn’t necessarily work smart, so it probably took longer than it needed to, but the job got done, so it’s all good.

  • ·         Tom and Troy competed against each other in editing a Santa compilation video. Now that the internet is back up we will be posting them both on YouTube for your votes.

  • ·         Peter had a bad case of malaria so I took care of him in our house for 3 days. He now comes up to me a few times a day insisting that he’s hot--hoping to get to lie on our couch and drink Sprite and watch Curcules (guess which movie that is). By the by, he may win the prize for cutest pasta mispronunciation. He calls spaghetti baskabetty.

  • ·         I began using a bullet journal method. For the first time in a really long time, I’m keeping track of my life daily. I’m pretty excited about this.

  • ·         Tom tore apart our pantry, sprayed for bugs (Africa life!) and then added some new shelves. It’s looking so good now and much more useful. Plus, the extra shelf space means the kitchen is less cluttered. Even better is that I was so busy in the office that I couldn’t get in Tom’s way. You all know what I’m talking about, right?

  • ·         Some good missionary friends stopped by for a weekend visit. It’s always wonderful to sit and enjoy conversation over dinner with like-minded people. Life-affirmingly good. (Spell check, it’s a word in my universe!)

  • ·         As I write this I’m on my way to South Africa (via Mansa, then Lusaka) to attend an administrator’s course. Just one more step toward opening our school. Bonus: I may get to see a beach!

  • ·         Brent and Sarah are on their way back right this minute. (Hooray!) We’ll briefly cross paths in Lusaka and then they’ll be heading north to Kazembe while I fly south to Durban, South Africa.

 One of the drawbacks to having limited internet access is not being able to hang out with all of you. Tell me something exciting that has happened for you so far this year. 


  1. Heather EslingerJanuary 23, 2014

    Love the bullet idea!
    Exciting in my world...
    well, town cop stopped at our house on New Year's Eve and told us to stop shooting off fireworks. He said, "Ok at midnight but not at 9pm." three little kids and i weren't going to see midnight.
    Painting parties a booming!
    Boys were begged by the coach to play basketball so the next 6 weekends i'll be in the stands. They are the tallest on the team but by far the gangliest!
    Crazy weather in Kansas; 59 yesterday, 20 today, 55 tomorrow.
    Take pics in South Africa!

  2. AmysAdventuresJanuary 24, 2014

    We did ours at around 9 PM as well. We were glad we did as it took time to set each one up.
    Your crazy Kansas weather!

  3. AmysAdventuresJanuary 24, 2014

    Happy Birthday, Emily!
    Enjoy your time in Albuquerque!


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