Thursday, August 8, 2013

Once Upon a Time

One upon a time there was a young lady who saw a young man, from across a baseball field, and declared that he was the one!

One thing led to another and finally the young lady and the young man were engaged to be married.

One day the young lady had to leave the country to renew her student visa.

One visa not renewed meant the young lady had to spend time waiting in a nearby country.

One (or twenty) letters were exchanged as the young lovers waited until they could be reunited.

One cherry blossom season was approaching and the romantic young man didn't want his betrothed to miss it.

One blossom was carefully plucked and sealed in ice to await her return.

One day the young lady had to give up her dream of continuing her studies in that far off Asian country and return to her parents in the United States of America.

One very sad, young man had to let the cherry blossom thaw and watch as it slowly lost its gorgeous pink color. 

One happy, summer day our young lovers were reunited in sunny California, and the cherry blossom story was related. 
(it would be related again and again over the years--romantic deeds must be retold)

One day, many, many moons later, the now-not-so-young lady found a way to repay the romantic gesture. 

Enter Pinterest!

About a year or two ago I saw a cherry blossom project on pinterest and thought, "That would be a perfect anniversary gift!" (it's true--it's right there on the caption when I repinned it)

sadly this pin no longer links to anything...

I had to wait until I made a trip to the U.S and was able to collect the supplies. I also had to drink an entire 2 liter bottle of Coke Zero. 

Unfortunately, while waiting to make this project I spotted a poorly-made version of this exact project on Nailed It. I was terrified this would happen to me. However, victory goes to the aggressor, and I was determined to make the best gift EVER.

You know one of the difficult things about working from home with your spouse? Hiding projects from them. But, I did it! In two different sessions while Tom was out for a bit, I painted the canvas with the brown paint for the brush, and then later added the 'cherry-blossoms' with the bottom of the coke bottle. 

I wish I had used a shallower dish and a little less paint, but I am so very pleased with how it turned out. 

Best part! Tom knew exactly what it represented, and was excited to share his romantic tale with all our visitors. 

Have you recently recreated something you've seen on Pinterest?

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  1. Makes me cry and so happy to hear the story again....
    Love endures all and conquers all.
    (I love Cherry Blossoms, my favorite season of Japan)

  2. AmysAdventuresAugust 08, 2013

    I'm so sorry I missed it. Perhaps one day we can take a trip there to see the blossoms.

  3. Beautiful love story! Those little things are what make a marriage so special!

  4. Heather EslingerAugust 08, 2013

    That is so very sweet! What a wonderful story :)


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