Monday, July 22, 2013

Big Strides Forward

Johnny and Elias are the first of our children to commit their lives to Jesus. They sat with us individually one Saturday afternoon and answered our questions about what Jesus had done for them, why He gave His life for them, and what steps they now needed to take.

The thing that impressed me, was how sincere their answers were and how different from each other. They were speaking from the heart, and not from a script of memorized Sunday School or catechism answers.

After we were sure that they knew what they were doing, and why, we had Johnny and Elias pray a prayer inviting Christ to live in their lives.

We explained what a big step this was, and how important it was to now live a life worthy of the One who gave His for them. They took it all very seriously.

The next day, during Children's Church, Johnny and Elias told everyone what they had done and Who Jesus was to them. We explained to all the children that baptism was a way of showing what had happened on the inside and how they were new creatures in Christ.

We used a bucket as our baptismal which required a bit of contortionism to get the boys all the way dunked, but we managed.

Afterward we presented both boys with a Certificate to commemorate the event. We want this time in their lives to stand out. We want them to know how important it was and live their lives accordingly.

We're so happy for this big step in the boys lives and are excited for all the rest of the kids as they also grow up and step up to be men and women of God. 


  1. That is so exciting! How great to see the fruit of your work! (I followed your blog a few years ago, when I was "One Girls Journey to the Altar. Now I''m A Hundred Affections - "lol). But it is so great to hear that! I led my nephew to The Lord when he was sick. We were driving to church and he asked such pointed questions, so much that I knew he was weighing the gravity of what he was doing. And I can tell you, he was DIFFERENT after we prayed. He had been a bit of a withdrawn boy, but he was joyful, singing and couldn't wait to tell his mom what he had done. He is almost 23 now, and still serving Jesus. God bless you in your super-important work!

  2. Heather EJuly 23, 2013

    Congratulations on this wonderful milestone boys!

  3. Congratulations, Johnny and Elias! Congratulations, Morrows! The sweet fruit of your labor! Watch out for them, Africa!


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