Saturday, February 9, 2013

Keep Praying for Missionaries

Some of you may have heard that there was a serious accident that happened in Zambia on Thursday. A bus traveling from Ndola to Lusaka collided with a semi-truck and more than 50 people died outright with several more dying later from their injuries. We still don't know the full extent of the tragedy.

This is a bus line that we have used in the past--though not since moving up here--and we would have considered it to be one of the safe ones.

It is a very sobering reminder of the dangers of road travel--especially in a country where the amount of vehicles has grown and the roads have not kept up with that growth.

I leave today to catch the bus down to Lusaka. I would cherish your prayers for my safety.


On Thursday I also got some sobering news about a good friend of mine in Uganda. She is a missionary that I greatly admire. Still going strong in her 60s she puts me to shame at times with her sense of adventure--riding a motorcycle all over, trusting God despite setbacks, keeping a positive outlook at all times. I love her! This week she was bitten by a snake. Thankfully it was just a night viper which, though it causes tissue damage, is not deadly. She is expected to have to have a skin graft on her toe. Please pray with me for her full recovery.


Things are going really well with our new missionaries here at the orphanage. Please keep them in your prayers--for their adjustment time, for their safety from illness and accidents, and for God's guidance in showing them His Will.

While you are at it, please say a prayer for missionaries the world over. Thanks!

Exactly Three Years Ago: My Week in Review --another reminder why we need your prayers always.


  1. Such sad news....keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. A reminder of how important it is to continue to pray for those who put themselves into difficult settings in order to bring glory to God! I will take extra time for prayer for you all today and your friend in Uganda as well!


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