Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Look What Happens When I Go Away for a Few Days

I went away for ten days and next thing I knew....two new girls had moved into my house. 

That's not as weird as it sounds. Trust me.

The Friday I arrived in Manhattan Timmy told me via Facebook chat that there was a new baby at the orphanage. Gladys was very sick with malaria and needed two separate treatments to kick it. I was (and am) so thankful for Meghan our volunteer who was a tremendous help in taking care of Gladys and worked with the clinic officer to make sure that Gladys got her injections on time and was fed regularly to help her build up her strength.

On Monday, I checked in again via Skype and Tom told me there was a new baby. I informed him that I had received that news from Timmy already, but this was a new new baby he was talking about. A one-week old baby born to a mom with AIDS had been brought to the orphanage on Monday after her mom died.

Gladys is feeling much better, and though her picture doesn't reflect it, she is a very happy little girl. I'll write more about her soon.

Jessie is only two weeks old and is not doing as well. Since her mom, as far as we know, died of AIDS, Jessie's immune system is compromised. She is suffering from thrush and fungal rashes and also has a very poor appetite. She also spits up nearly every feeding. Please pray for her to get an appetite and to begin to hold her food down better. If any of you have ideas for babies with reflux please feel free to share them. Thanks.


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