Monday, June 7, 2010

I forgot....

I huge the African sun is at dawn. When Tom and I drove up from Lusaka we left the house there before sunrise and got to watch the sun come up. It was beautiful!

I many smells there are here. From the taxi driver who sorely needed a bath to the open pit toilet on the journey north. You'd think I'd get used to them all by now, but no.

I forgot* much I love seeing the kids learn new things. Watching the foster kids master the new Wii made me giggle out loud many times yesterday.

I forgot....that a security guard has to check my receipt as I leave the grocery store. I barreled past him and he called me back and then punished me by reading every item on my list before releasing me.

I forgot* much I enjoy cooking in my kitchen. Since I've been back (all of two days) I've made beer-batter fried fish with spiced rice, coffee cake, and chicken and potato curry. Oh, yum!

I much of a mess I make when I finally get home and work on unloading all the goodies I've brought home. Thanks to generous donors all the kids are now wearing new (to them) clothes and Crocs.

I forgot* quickly kids grow and change when you're away for two months. Boy, do they ever!

*I didn't really forget all these things. They're too good to forget. But do you get the idea that I'm happy to be home? I really, truly am.


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