Friday, April 2, 2010

Fab Friday Foto--Volume XVI

The day before T.J and I flew out of Zambia we ran errands in the capital city, Lusaka. One of the errands was trying to find a small package of white cornmeal that we could bring back to Jessica, my second daughter, since she misses the staple food in Zambia--nshima. We didn't find any packages small enough to carry in luggage but outside the grocery store was this notice. It made me chuckle. Can you see why?


  1. hehehehhe good to know both parents were dogs;)

  2. I dunnooooo... That business of having them both be dogs sounds a bit shady to me... Heh! ;-)

  3. "Both parents were dogs"???? That is hilarious!!

  4. Haha, classic! And I think what you and your husband are doing is incredible :)

    By the way, you won the Sonia Kashuk makeup brush set so send me your address when you can so I can send it on its way!

  5. As opposed to ....


  6. guess you never can be too careful lol


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