Wednesday, November 3, 2010

We Have A Winner

Thank you so much for your votes over the last couple days. We've had so much fun watching the comments come in. So, the grand prize winner of bragging rights for Halloween, 2010 is:


Avatar--The Last Airbender

Many people were impressed that he had shaved his head bald for the costume. We girls said, "That's nothing! Now if one of us had shaved our heads bald that really would have been something to talk about." 

No, we're not sore losers. Why do you ask?

2010 was a good year for Morrow costumes because my older kids in the States won First Prize for their costumes at their church's Trunk 'n' Treat. Trunk 'n' Treat is where people gather in a parking lot with decorated cars and wearing costumes so that kids can have a safe place to trick or treat.
Their costumes were completely handmade. Those are paint lids glued on a paint bucket and box plus shoe boxes with ice tea lids glued on. Then everything was spray painted. I apologize on their behalf to the ozone layer and the environment.

I'm so glad that my kids have learned to make things and make do and have so much fun while doing it!

I also want to thank my darling husband, who edited all the photos and made them look so snazzy. I really thought he would win for his American Chopper costume. Can I say also that I'm really glad the handlebars are gone now?

And this now concludes my marathon of Halloween posts. For my least favorite holiday of the year I sure have given it a lot of coverage. 

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  1. Jessica MorrowNovember 03, 2010

    What the hey?! Dad took off his handlebars?? What's next?

  2. Why can I never come up with anything orignal like that?! You have clever, clever children! My big idea is California Grapes - black garbage bag with purple balloons attached.

    None of my children have been takers, yet.

  3. I dressed up like a conservative Republican. Only my intelligent friends got it. The others were just insulted.

  4. Wow, they look amazing!

    Hugs & love,

  5. What a fun competition. And it would be far more impressive for a girl to shave her head:)


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