Thursday, December 24, 2009

One of My Many Inspirations

My dad has taught me so much over the years about living a life of faith. Through many experiences, good and bad, my dad has shown me a true persevering spirit.

He has showed me that to be a friend you should show yourself friendly. My dad never found himself alone without someone to talk to. He could chat with anyone at anytime about anything and often did. I didn't appreciate this as much as a child when we were left in the car while he 'dashed into a store for bread and milk' and a couple hours later would emerge with a story about the very nice person he met inside. Now I am thankful for the gift of gab that he passed on to me. 

My dad has been a missionary for over 30 years [Update: that should say over 40 years] after God took him from a life of drugs to a Christ focused life. I'm really proud of him. I look forward to the blog telling his story.

There are many things we don't see eye to eye about--which father/daughter combo doesn't have one or two of those--but we have recently begun to reconnect (thanks, Facebook) and I'm learning there are many more things that we have in common.

Today my dad celebrates his birthday. He will be spending it reaching out to others and sharing the true message of Christmas with them.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

 Missionary, father to 11 children (bio and step), grandpa to 13 (and counting), and all around nice guy.


  1. Happy Birthday! You did good with Amy! She's a good kid!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday, Dad!!


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