Tuesday, December 1, 2009

No One Told Me

I wanted to be a mom from as far back as I can remember. My sister and I played house when we were little and we took it to the next level by planning our kids' names, the weekly menus, the chore lists. Basically all our house play was done on paper.

We also listed our future husband's names and included a boyfriend for the side as well. Somehow we believed that husbands were necessary but boyfriends were fun. Why not have both?

I was so excited to be pregnant after only 3 months of marriage and delighted to give birth to twin girls. This was totally in my plan. Ok, not the twin part--that was a surprise but I wanted to have eight children and have a girl first because oldest girls are big helps. I should know!

Being pregnant and giving birth were delightful. Even with premature deliveries, emergency breech births (delivered naturally--ouch!) I would so totally go back and do it again.

Watching over the little ones and teaching them how to read and seeing them learn new skills was a ton of work but still so enjoyable.


no one told me.....

how much fun teenagers could be.

Seeing my kids change from children into young adults is the most rewarding experience.

This spring I took my oldest girls back to the States so they could go to college and we had a blast traveling together and getting them settled in the States. Watching them learn all about this brand new culture and teaching them how to take care of their finances and get jobs was challenging but exhilarating.

One of my biggest Thanksgivings for this year was that the girls have settled in so well. They are nearly done with their first semester in college and are doing really well. Jennifer has decided to be a teacher and Jessica is considering becoming a counselor.

T.J is my oldest son and is a delight to me. He takes life so seriously. He would like to go into politics and may join the military first. I think he would make a great History professor as well.

One of the things I enjoy about having teenagers around is that for once there is someone in the house more melodramatic than me. Real conversation with one of my sons:

He: Mom, I'm really sad.

Me: Really? Why?

He: Remember that James Bond movie we just watched? (note: the one that came out in 1997)
Well, that was the last time that Q was in it. They changed the actor. It just won't be the same.

Me: Oh. I'm sorry.

And because I'm a good mom I didn't snicker until I was in private. Well, and then here too but this is pretty private, right?

This is Timothy. He entertains us with his antics and crazy ideas. He hates normal and loves to shock the world.

In the midst of his craziness he is a really good teacher. Timmy runs the preschool circle time and takes really good care of the kids. He is kind to them but a good disciplinarian as well.He has said that he wants to be a teacher but thinks his older sister 'stole his idea' and so he isn't sure anymore.

This is Jasmine. My youngest daughter and right hand man (sorry, woman) right now. She is the perfect assistant. Once when we ran into a snag with the meal plans for the kids I suggested a solution and then (as is typical for me) completely forgot about it. Late that night Jasmine came and got the exact instructions for putting the plan into effect.

The next morning I told her that she would make a great personal assistant and she replied, "why not the boss?" That's my girl!

She's considered doing some modeling as well. It will be interesting to see how her life choices shape up.

Troy is my youngest son and at 12 is on the brink of becoming a teenager. He works hard to take care of our chickens and the other animals also. When the chicks were tiny he had to put a charcoal brazier (stove) in their pen each night.

Troy's real passion though is computer work and inventions. He makes animated movies and loads them onto YouTube. He has built a couple robots as well and just like a good youngest child he loves to sing, dance and act.

His favorite time is when we have young volunteer visitors (especially those from the Peace Corps) because he gets the proper respect from them--he can't count on his older brothers for that, of course.

I absolutely love how kids grow up and develop their own personalities. It's amazing how even though they've been taught right here in my home they still surprise me with things they've learned and know.

My mom always said that kids should be an improvement on the stock. I really see that in my kids. We plant seeds in their lives and watch as they grow into something amazing. God has been so good in giving us kids who are willing to serve Him alongside us.


  1. I totally relate.. I enjoyed my children so much as they became teens.. and about the improvement on the stock... for sure, you guys are that!!... and your kids! whew! they're going to leave us in the dust! Yay!! It does a grandmother proud. Thank you for raising them so well.

  2. What a precious family you have. You are blessed!

  3. i love that you love your teenagers. most people just complain about them. it gives me hope! you have a beautiful family!!

  4. You definitely have reason to rejoice! They are beautiful examples of humanity.
    Congratulations to you and your husband. You have done an outstanding job!


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