Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Boy Named Denny

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Denny. He was not a happy boy. Many days of hunger and malnourishment had left him swollen from head to toe. He hadn't even learned how to walk yet, though he was well past the normal age, for his legs were weak and spindly.

Before too long, after many meals and lots of love, Denny began to stand up and walk. He still required a lot of assistance. This was partly due to many many months of being carried and partly due to an insecurity.

His mama knew he could do it though, and fashioned a harness out of cloth so that those who looked after him could hook the cloth below his arms and he could see what it felt like to balance on his own and begin to move on his own power without the hand-holding. This went well for a time, but soon Denny got tired. He didn't want to walk on his own. He wanted to be held.

So, one day on the way to the lunch table, Denny had had enough. He plopped himself down on the floor and refused to walk another step. All efforts to encourage, to aid with the harness, were rebuffed. Denny was having none of it.

His mama was sympathetic to his feelings, being well acquainted with the sometimes sin/sometimes virtue of stubbornness. But she also held firm to the adage: he who does not work, does not eat. Denny needed to work for his supper by showing a little effort in the walking department.

Denny was not happy with this pronouncement and proceeded to let everyone in the vicinity know with loud cries and wails. Every few minutes the deal was explained to him again--walk on your own and you get to eat, and every few minutes he cried louder with rebellion. 
An hour passed and a very tired Denny was carried to his bed with the promise that he would have a chance to try again at snack time.

Sadly, snack time began in much the same way, but after another 30 minutes of crying, Denny's mama decided to meet him halfway. His highchair was moved 5 feet closer. He also gave in and consented to walk with the aid of a nanny's hand to his chair. There he ate his lunch and snack together. Not a completely satisfactory ending but an ending nonetheless.

But, what do you imagine happened at the very next meal?

A miracle! Denny got to his feet and walked straight to his chair without a bit of fuss. And every meal since then has had the same result. He is walking all over the place now. 

What a guy!


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