Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Couple Giggles to Brighten Your Weekend

Recently, a German young lady, studying at Oxford, came out to volunteer for a few weeks. She was a huge help in beginning to catalog our library books by entering them into an online database.

After she got home she published her photos on Facebook. Two of them stood out to me and made me smile. I got her permission to share them with you.

First, this photo shows Nathan and Peter supposedly feeding the ducks. But, judging by their faces, I don't think the ducks got much to eat that day.

Second, I think this photo shows that we have way too many snakes around our property. If someone can enjoy a delightful, mango snack while holding onto a semi-venomous snake, something is seriously wrong...

I love my crazy life!

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  1. Those babies are SO darling!


  2. Um, yeah. That snake is waaaay to close for comfort. Those babies are so sweet!!


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